Gaddar English Subtitles HD

Gaddar English Subtitles HD


Gaddar English Subtitles HD

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Watch Gaddar ( The Cruel ) English Subbed online at Turkish Masa. Watch the Turkish Series The Cruel episodes for free with English Subtitles. Download the Turkish drama Gaddar episodes in high quality. Story of Gaddar: Daghan is a soldier serving in the East. He has been away from his hometown for two years... He is returning to take some mental leave after some traumatic events he experienced. But when he returns to his neighborhood, he cannot find anything as he left it. His estranged girlfriend Aydan has disappeared. They have such a passionate love with him that even when they are apart, they are not completely separate, so not being able to find her is very distressing for Daghan... His family is broken up, he learns that his sister ran away with a man, his brother dropped out of school and started doing dirty work, his father and mother are offended. It turns out that Daghan was the one who kept the house standing, but when he left, everything fell apart. Things in the neighborhood are not the same as before, bad people are around, his old friends are involved in various illegal activities. In such a chaotic environment, a type called Manager also emerges. He offers Daghan a job. "Trigger" Even though Daghan vehemently denies it at first, he finds himself in the middle of trouble to protect his best friend Samet. When Samet dies, Daghan agrees to work as a hitman to pay his debt to the Director, otherwise Samet's child and wife will die! After she finds out that her boyfriend, Aydan, is having an affair with another man, her psychology deteriorates completely. His dreams of getting her back are dashed. On the other hand, he realizes that his family and loved ones are in danger because of his work. If he wants to do this job and protect his loved ones, he must become even more brutal...

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Gaddar English Subtitles

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